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Benefits of Living in Montclair, NJ | Homes for Sale

Benefits of Living in Montclair, NJ | Homes for Sale

Why Choose Montclair, NJ As Your New Home

Montclair, New Jersey is home to beautiful parks, natural scenery, and many grand Victorian mansions. The town has a thriving school system with an abundance of career opportunities. Students who are interested in attending schools like Montclair State University, (the second largest university in NJ), Seton Hall University or Caldwell College consider moving to Montclair. Many artists, musicians, and writers have also made Montclair their home.

Is Montclair NJ A Good Place to Live?

Montclair, located in Essex County, NJ, has been voted one of the best places to live in the state of New Jersey. The city is known for its stellar schools, diversity, beautiful homes and exciting places to work. Montclair has a welcoming, yet urban feel to it, and most residents appreciate the fact that they can own a home in the suburbs while maintaining access to metropolitan amenities.

Montclair Center

The Montclair center extends about 10 blocks and presents the best opportunity to stroll, shop and dine. For those who love to dine at BYOB’s, this is the place to be.

What to Expect In South End Montclair, NJ

If your new home, job or school is in or near the South End, you will find plenty of things to see and do. If you enjoy the outdoors, you can visit Presby Iris Gardens, which features a unique display of flowers and several walking trails. The Montclair Art Museum is another South End attraction that exposes you to the works of local and national artists. South End is known for being a quiet part of town with several thought-provoking activities, so the area is ideal if you prefer artistic, creative activities.

Uptown Montclair and Downtown Montclair Shopping and more

Uptown Montclair

Home to several trendy restaurants, so you are sure to have a quality dining experience every time you make a dinner or lunch reservation. There are also several parks in Uptown with walking or biking trails so you can get a great workout while enjoying nature.

Downtown Montclair

Downtown is vibrant. The street is lined with approximately 325 designer and locally owned shops and restaurants. There are excellent boutiques and designer clothing stores such as Lululemon and Anthropology, high caliber restaurants, artisan coffee shops, delectable wines to purchase and taste and so much more. This area is the heart of Montclair and there is always something going on.

Why Choose Montclair NJ

Montclair is a township in New Jersey; the community is thriving, and the area is ideal for raising a family. Montclair is located at the base of First Watchung Mountain and boasts a diverse population and several vintage homes. Montclair is also near New York City but offers its own unique and fun activities as well. Therefore, whether you want to spend some time in the big city or prefer a smaller event that appeals to the local community, Montclair is the place to be.

In a nutshell, the township offers live theaters, art galleries, museums, designer stores and a variety of boutiques. Montclair also provides a variety of movie theaters, nightlife options, restaurants, all which attract visitors from around the region.

Ready to Make Montclair NJ Your Home?

Midtown Direct Homes can provide you with Montclair NJ home listings that will make your move to the area comfortable and exciting. We will work with you throughout the home purchasing process to ensure you are happy with the home you have selected. Give us a call today or contact us using our quick and easy contact form to set up a consultation. Let us help you join the Montclair community by becoming a Montclair resident.


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