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What is Feng Shui and How Will it Help Me Sell My House Faster?

Feng Shui BalanceSellers are always asking:
What is feng shui?
Will it help me sell my house faster?

So I asked my Feng Shui expert Suzy Minken for the answer:

Feng Shui (pronounced, “fung shway”) is a Chinese ancient science which is based on a series of relationships observed in nature.  The principles of Feng Shui, which literally translates to “wind water,” have evolved over 4,000 years and are used today as a design tool for achieving harmonious living.

In today’s economic climate of uncertainty, the residential real estate market is increasingly turning to the application of Feng Shui principles to ensure homes for sale are attracting buyers.  Savvy real estate agents know that getting homes to show their best…means a Great first impression, both at the curb and inside the front door.  Getting homeowners to embrace this concept is not always easy, especially when many of them believe that the home that they love so much, should be loved by everyone else.
When we live in a home for many years, according to Feng Shui, we become “de-sensitized” to our surroundings.  In contrast, the potential buyer walking through the newly listed home is experiencing how it feels to them for the first time, not the one hundredth time.  Getting homeowners to understand this fundamental difference is a key challenge for real estate agents. It helps explain why many homeowners are hesitant to make some of the changes that their agents recommend to them.
Here’s a frequent example of how the homeowner’s perspective may differ from the buyer’s.  Homeowners almost always enter the home through a back door, a side door, or the garage – — rarely, though, do they enter the home through the front door.  And which entrance do prospective buyers use?  That’s right – – -the front door!
So how does Feng Shui help sell your home faster?  It does so on many levels:
1. Beginning with raising the homeowner’s awareness as to what buyers are feeling when they drive up to the curb and enter the home through the front door.
2. Deciding which house to buy is often based on the buyer’s emotional response to how they feel when in the home.
3. Buyer’s frequently retell the story of how they came to own their current house – – -they just knew they found the right house within minutes of opening the door, commenting how it simply “felt” like home.
Feng Shui is all about feeling comfortable in the environment that surrounds you, wherever you are.  Feng Shui principles go beyond traditional interior decorating to provide insight as to why buyers are not resonating with the home.  If buyers don’t resonate with the home and “feel” comfortable, they won’t make an offer.
For homeowners who are ready to take the time and make some low or no-cost changes in their home, Feng Shui is a valuable marketing tool to use.  Feng Shui recommendations are customized to the uniqueness of the home and zoom in on the key target areas that need to be changed. It helps create an atmosphere filled with an abundance of “good vibrations” that will be sure to appeal to the widest range of buyers.  Recommendations may include the re-arranging of furnishings, removal of furniture and decorative accessories, changing paint color, repairing things in the home that are not working, replacement or updating items that are tired and worn, etc.  Getting the home ready for sale is one of the most important things a seller can do to influence the purchase price and speediness of receiving meaningful offers on their home. 
Feng Shui offers a clear road-map for expediting a sale. In this market, homesellers need all the help they can get.
Suzy Minken is a certified Feng Shui consultant, providing Feng Shui Solutions For Realtors.  For more information, contact Suzy at 908-239-9261 or


Perri K Feldman

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