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How to Set Up a Simple Home Network in Your New Jersey Home

Computer Network in NJ HomeOne of the first questions I am asked after homeowners close on their new home along the Midtown Direct Train line is “How do we set up our home network?” and “Who do you know that can help us out?”

Here are five tips to consider when setting up a simple home network:

Here are five tips to consider when setting up a simple home network:
1) Get wired-wireless networks are convenient, reasonably priced, and fairly easy to set up for basic operation. But they never work as reliably or as secure as a wired network. If it’s possible, run Ethernet cable to PCs, particularly desktop models that won’t move around.
2) Stay cheap-if you have multiple PCs to network or a laptop to move around the house, wireless might be the best option. But most people need not bother yet with the latest generation of wireless, the “N” generation (or 802.11n) routers. They cost at least twice as much as the older “G” generation (802.11g). Added speed is the primary benefit but isn’t needed unless a network is trying to push huge files around the house, such as high-definition TV. If someone’s doing that, they don’t need this primer. The N routers can cover more ground, so large homes might warrant the extra cost.
3) Secure your Wireless – many wireless networks get shared with neighbors and strangers because homeowners don’t make them secure. A nice gesture, perhaps, but unsafe. If a network is going wireless, Be warned that although you don’t think you have anything of value to be stolen, a hacker can use your Internet ramp to cause damage to a network, send out a virus, and many other harmful things and you will be the one questioned by authorities as it was your IP address used to do the damage.  Secure your network, it’s not worth the trouble.
4) Backup your data – There is nothing worse than knowing your pc was working one moment and not knowing what happened the next.  Then realizing your data has been lost forever.  Your once in a lifetime pictures, $ well spent on music, word files from 3 years ago.  Automated backup drives are very affordable and can be found at most computer stores.  Just configure to backup every night at 3am and enjoy the peace of mind.
5) Lock it down-while a router can control who connects to a network, security software adds needed protection for any home network. Be sure your Virus Protection is running the current years software.  Most Virus companies will allow you to renew, renew, renew – but why renew 2004 software when you can buy the new 2009 current virus fighting software for the same price. 

As for who to call?

Lori A. Mason
SourceOne Solutions

Do you have any other questions about homes along the Midtown Direct Train line? Call Perri K. Feldman @ 973.650.4727


Perri K Feldman

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