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Westfield, NJ: Vibrant, Classic, and Charming | Homes for Sale

Westfield, NJ: Vibrant, Classic, and Charming | Homes for Sale

Have you ever wanted to move to a medium-sized town with something for everyone? If so, why not look at Westfield, New Jersey? The town is in Northern New Jersey, which is close to New York City. However, its location is not all this exceptional town has to offer. If you’re interested in making Westfield your home, we can help. We have all the information you need in one of the best towns in the area.

Welcome to Westfield!

Westfield is small enough to feel cozy but large enough to have everything you need. You won’t have to jump back on a train. There are about 30,300 people in the town. Best of all, Westfield is growing. However, it’s growing very slowly. This is important for many homebuyers who are looking for a place to live. No one wants to fight congestion and crowds every day.

Westfield, NJ’s demographics are pleasing for many people looking to buy a home. Westfield, NJ’s population is large enough to have everything you are looking for. However, it’s also small enough to provide you with the coziness of a small town. The majority of its residents are families. This means your kids will have plenty of company on the playground. Seventy percent of the residents are married. There is also a nice blend of ages in Westfield. The age demographics are evenly balanced, with 30 percent of the population under 18. Adults 25 to 44, 45 to 64, and 65 or older make up about 20 percent of the population. This creates a nice solid tax base to fund town projects. In addition, the income level of the area means adults who are living there have discretionary incomes. Westfield residents have access to amenities that other areas don’t.

The Perks of Living in Westfield

If you like shopping, you’re in luck! Shopping in Westfield, NJ, is a fantastic blend of locally owned stores and those chain stores we all love. There are several local shopping centers as well as a great downtown shopping area. Businesses in the downtown Westfield NJ area include restaurants, florists, clothing stores, and antique shops. You can walk around the downtown area, shop to your heart’s content, and eat a world-class meal.

The Ease of Transportation

Let’s face it, no one likes to sit in traffic. Luckily for you, if you live in Westfield, you don’t have to. The Westfield, NJ, train station has trains that can take you anywhere you want to go. You can take a train to Raritan or Newark-Penn Station. You can also take a train into New York City. In other words, whatever direction your job takes you, Westfield’s train station can get you there. Also, you won’t be stuck in traffic on the George Washington Bridge — and who wouldn’t like that idea? In Westfield, you can simply park your car and hop on a train.

Other Reasons to Love Westfield

There are many reasons why you will love living in Westfield. There are festivals and street fairs during the spring, summer, and fall. They give families the opportunity to have inexpensive fun and learn a few things. There are historical museums and monuments to World War I and World War II. There is also a Colonial museum called the Miller-Cory House. The town also has several parks and playgrounds and is home to some of the best schools in the state. If you are in the market for a home, give some of Westfield, New Jersey’s real estate a chance. Westfield might be just what you have been looking for.

Contact Perry Feldman from Midtown Direct Homes to help you find the perfect home. As a life-long resident of New Jersey, she brings her personal knowledge and experience from the communities to her clients. View Westfield homes for sale. We hope you like what you see and contact Perry Feldman today.


Perri K Feldman

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