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Perri is everything you could want in a real estate professional. Her knowledge of the area and the market are beyond excellent. She is patient, direct, honest, has a great sense of humor, and always made what can be a stressful process the best it could be. Once we found a home, she was key in negotiating a great price in a very competitive market, managed the inspection process, flawlessly handled all of the personalities involved, successfully navigated a very challenging closing schedule, found movers, and stayed on top of every detail. Our attorney even pointed out that we didn’t really need him, because Perri was doing such a great job handling everything. She truly went above and beyond, every step of the way. You truly could not do better than to choose Perri as your realtor!

-Tracey E.

I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with Perri Feldman. She was a wonderful mix of knowledge and experience as my wife and I looked to turn our dreams of a first house into a reality. I was amazed how she was able to listen to our lists of wishes/demands, determine the importance of each, then find the appropriate mix of listing across our search area. As we moved from town to town she was able to give excellent back ground regarding the schools, neighborhoods and local interests. She gave us more knowledge than you could ever hope to divine from web searches and blog posts… she helped us develop an emotional attachment to the area before we ever moved in. Trust me, it’s insight you want to have on your side. I have recommended Perri to friends and colleagues ever since we bought our house, and I will continue to in the future.

-Scott & Robin Rieke

The service Perri provided us was fabulous. We even called her before making the offer for our current home at 10PM for her advice on the right number. I know that’s something people wouldn’t normally do, but she made us feel comfortable and we felt that her advice would work well in our favor. In addition, she never pushed us towards a decision. We were slow and meticulous in our decision and Perri always supported us in this regard.  We were and are totally satisfied with Perri’s service. 

Your statistical research is great. We still have the binder you gave us. My suggestion would be to put up “samples” of this research on your website so potential clients see the depth of your research. 

-Atul & Shimul Subbiah

Honestly, I’ve done my share of buying and selling homes – 5 plus 2 rental properties in the past 8 years.   Perri was one of the best agents I’ve ever dealt with.   Bluntly, Sue and I often wondered if Perri was supporting any other customers outside of us since she had everything so well organized. 

Our time was well planned out:  Owners were called ahead of time and Perri seemed to be visiting every home we were visiting before we got there. We were never rushed or pushed at any time – we wanted more time at a house, no problem.   Wanted to skip a home she has prepared, no worries.   Never a push on home prices – we sort of migrated our price range based upon what we saw, but there was never a push to get a home outside of the ranges we quoted to Perri.  

She was very knowledgeable about the areas we were looking – trains, restaurants, etc. She was always accessible and available when we called. She pushed when she did need to push to ensure that paperwork or checks or whatever were in on time. 

-Eric & Sue Goldstein

Perri’s service as our agent was top notch and we really enjoyed working with her.  She always suggested houses that she felt we may be interested in based on the specific criteria and towns that we were looking for.

One thing to note is that she was always punctual and we never had to worry about her being at a location at a particular time.  She always showed us many houses and seemed honest in her own opinion and advice for us as first time single family home-buyers.  Perri would point both positive and negative things of a house.  When looking at houses, Perri was always full of suggestions and ideas and helped us see houses in a different light.  She also was on top of all the new houses that came onto the market and would check them out as soon as they hit the market to see if they would be of interested to us.  

She would even take pictures of the house and surrounding neighborhood with her camera phone and then e-mail them to us so that we can have a feel of what it is like before actually physically visiting the house.  Her service was incredible.

-Peter & Cindy

Perri was very reactive AND proactive.  Clearly, she has an excellent grasp of the towns and counties she covers and went the extra mile to educate us on an area we were not entirely familiar with.  She took the time to understand our needs and constraints and did not pressure us at any point.  I also found some of her primers and publications very helpful during the process.  I would also say that her upbeat demeanor really made the process more enjoyable and we never felt hesitant to ask her “stupid” questions.  

I would tell any potential client that Perri is very personable and makes you feel like a friend immediately.  And if you are looking in the area she specializes in, you can feel confident that you will always have the best and latest information that will allow you to make a good decision.  She is also great with the added benefits, such as providing a binder with detail on the towns you are looking at as well as recommending vendors and contractors. 

-Steve & Laura Lee

I was impressed with Perri’s knowledge of the home-buying process as well as the local community. We were looking to move quickly and Perri was instrumental in keeping the process moving. We closed on schedule without any hitches.  Let Perri hold your hand and guide you through the process. 

-Richard Bird

We thought the quality of Perri’s service was wonderful. She went above and beyond our expectations when we were looking for a house to buy. She was able to find many places that were accommodating. She provided us with binders of information on our towns of interest. Included in the binder, was information on history, commuting, and schools just to name a few. It was very thorough.  

We would tell a potential client that Perri would be the best real estate agent in the area. She is always there to answer any questions that you have. She will also always answer her cell phone or return your call promptly. She is very knowledgeable about this area. 

Your services are great just the way they are…no need to make any improvements.

-Meg & Chris Gilbertson

Carolina and I just wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us along the way to our first home! We spent the weekend at the house and fell in love with it all over again! We can’t thank you enough for all the help you have provided and all the hard work you put in on our behalf. I know we probably added quite a bit of stress to your life during our search, but we appreciate you putting up with us and helping us find the house of our dreams!

-Michael, Carolina, and Joseline

When my wife and I recently decided to move from Brooklyn to South Orange, we were luckily referred to Perri from another KW broker in Westchester. We knew very little about the area and we needed more than just someone who could unlock some houses and let us walk through. Not only is Perri an excellent agent, but she’s one part friend, one part psychologist, one part mother, one part advocate and one part lifestyle consultant. This all bode very well for us — she really listened to us to determine what we like, what we need and what suited us. She was honest when she thought something wouldn’t work for us and enthusiastic when she saw things that would. We really felt we were getting a very personal level of service throughout the process and that we had a strong advocate that was looking out for our best interests.

I would (and will) recommend Perri to anybody who is looking at a home in our area.

After our first call, she immediately set up a full day of home viewings and a tour of the area that was incredibly helpful. We lost the bid on the first house we liked, but Perri kept our energy up and kept us focused, and we won the bid on the second house.…

-Steven & Michelle

My experience with Perri was amazing! My husband and I just got married and we were looking to purchase our 1st home. With Perri’s knowledge and expertise she made purchasing our first home very easy and a seamless process. She helped us notice good and bad qualities in a home we were visiting that we might have not noticed. She was patient and held our hands through every step of buying our 1st home. It has been 3 years since we closed on our home, and Perri still will call us time to time to see how we are doing, in return we do not hesitate to call her if we have any questions. She is very professional and we trust the advice she gives us. She is just not looking to sell a home she likes to build a relationship and share her knowledge to those who need her guided wisdom in the real estate world.

-Christy & Keith Bosco


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"Perri was very reactive AND proactive. Clearly, she has an excellent grasp of the towns and counties she covers and went the extra mile to educate us on an area we were not entirely familiar with." Steve & Laura Lee

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