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Top Five Media Room “Must Haves”

Published on January 26th, 2009 by | Filed Under: Interior Design & Staging in NJ, West Orange Living

Media Room Must HavesSuperbowl is coming. Do you have the 2009 Top 5 “Must Haves” for your  media room:

  • 1. A large enough TV so that everyone in the room will be able to immerse themselves in the image, yet not too big where it overpowers the room. A good rule of thumb has been to measure the sitting distance by 2 ½ times the diagonal of the TV screen.
  • 2. The TV screen must be properly situated (mounted or placed on stand) in a room where it will be comfortable to watch a 2 ½ hour movie without any neck or eye strain
  • 3. Proper implementation of a quality audio system to accurately reproduce the surround sound experience. At a minimum, items needed are: AV Surround Receiver, Front left/right, Center, and Rear speakers. Also, a good subwoofer to replicate the low bass is critical.
  • 4. Ambient light in the room must be controllable. Dimmer switches and window coverings are a must.
  • 5. A one remote control system that will allow you to easily and reliably work all the features of your awesome AV system.

All Media Consultants

If you need help planning the perfect home theater give Saul Sutton of All Media Consultants a call (973.467.1103) for a free in home consultation…they can help create the media room of your dreams. Saul just updated a West Orange townhome currently on the market and did a wonderful job.

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