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Do You Have A Rotten Neighbor?

Published on April 15th, 2008 by | Filed Under: Buying a Home in NJ, Commuting to NYC

Wow!!! I have been driving around a lot with buyers this past month. They are thrilled to be putting in offers and having them accepted.
Before they take the plunge, however, there is one site that seems to have caught buyer’s attentions:

Do You Have A Rotten Neighbor?

Ever hear of it?

None of the recent purchases have ended up in neighborhoods that were negatively taagged…yea!!! But I thought the concept was pretty cool.

I must admit that I checked out my own neighborhood…no press only a Google map which is the basis of the sit. A satellite picture shows up. It is a great program and fun to use.

So, before you place an offer…”it couldn’t hurt” to check out Rotten Neighbor.

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  1. Sarah


    This is too funny!!!

    I LOVE IT.

    Sadly I know a few people that should be on this.

    Great Post, Thank You for sharing

  2. Susan Hilton - Texas Aggie Realtor in College Station Home Sales

    I have a few VERY special neighbors that should be on the list but when I searched Bryan College Station no one was there –
    Great idea though!

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