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More Money for New Jersey Home Buyers?

Published on January 23rd, 2008 by | Filed Under: Buying a Home in NJ, NJ Mortgage Update, Real Estate News

News AlertTuesday, January 22, 2008 Fed Lowered Interest Rates and New Jersey Home Buyers May Benefit 

Steve Lupton of Metrocities Mortgage Sent Me the Following Alert I Wanted to Share:


1.  Today, the Fed lowered both the Fed Funds Rate and the Discount Rate by 75 basis points.  This unusually aggressive move is an acknowledgement that equity and credit market issues are threatening growth in the real economies throughout the world.

2.  As of Friday Jan 18th, all of the S&P gains from 2007 were erased and  equity markets world wide are in a €œbear market (down 20% off their highs)

3.  Since these Fed rate cuts were already priced into the market, we cant assume that mortgage rates will drop immediately.  However, it is safe to assume that the downward trend will continue.  I will keep you posted.

4.  There MAY be a silver lining for us.  If the Fed continues on this path it may give a boost in the arm to those who need to refinance. It may also increase awareness of €œlow rates and lower housing prices for the fence sitters.


1.  There are 2 ways to correct over inflated asset prices and over leveraged investment positions.
     ~Gradually, over time (taking years)
     ~Cathartic Flush.  Very frightening, very disruptive, very painful with some big losers. (Countrywide, MBIA, etc.).

 So, if you have been waiting and watching…this could be your moment to take advantage of lowering mortgage rates…time to contact your favorite real estate agent to see if your dream home is on the market today!!! To search for homes thirty minutes from New York City check out Midtown Direct Homes

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